Exploring Science and History

CCA’s first annual Science and History Fair was held on March 10, 2015. The fair provided our students with a great opportunity for experimentation and in-depth exploration into fascinating topics in history and science. The 3rd-6th grade classes researched history projects, including topics from American and world history. The junior high and high school created science projects ranging from physics, to animal behavior and human health. Mrs. Lynn Poore, our high school science teacher, stated, "Students learn how to do independent research studies, which is an invaluable experience. Hands-on learning contributes to students gaining the skills needed to become competitive in the 21st Century." Whether learning from the past or designing experiments to benefit the future, the students had a wonderful competitive learning experience. There were many high-quality projects and we congratulate the winners below.

2015 History Fair Winners

3rd and 4th Grades

  • 1st Place – Kenley Brice (4th grade) - The first American flag
  • 2nd place – Sierra Banks- (4th grade) - Prairie Wagon
  • 3rd place – Dillion Stoltzfus- (3rd grade) - Jim Thorpe

5th and 6th Grades

  • 1st place – Allyssa Stolxfus (5th grade) - Battle of Bunker Hill
  • 2nd place – Ryan Lucas (5th grade) - Boston Tea Party
  • 3rd place – Graham Meikle (5th grade) - Uraquay

2015 Science Fair Winners

7th and 8th Grades

  • 1st Place – Caleb Eichler (8th grade) - “Don’t Rock the Boat!” – Buoyancy
  • 2nd Place – Becca Meikle (8th grade) - Do Steroid creams really help in healing skin diseases?
  • 3rd Place – Colton Verdonk (7th grade) - The effects of sugary beverages on teeth.

9th-12th Grades

  • 1st Place – Jared Brice (10th grade) - “Can you feel the pressure?”- Temperature, pressure, and volume
  • 2nd Place – Chris Bolendar (9th grade) - Weather
  • 3rd Place – Abby Clark (10th Grade) - The ability of moisturizers to hinder dehydration


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