A Special Day with Grandparents

Chestertown Christian Academy was very excited to host our annual Grandparents’ Day on Tuesday, November 24th. There were over 100 grandparents in attendance.

The students worked diligently to prepare a wonderful program for their grandparents which consisted of a musical skit, songs, poems, instrumental selections, and essays. Every year each student writes an essay about their grandparents. This year’s topic was: “Share the things that demonstrate to you that your grandparents love you”. Almost every essay expressed that the quality time their grandparents spent with them best demonstrated their love, whether that time was spent working on a project, playing a game, going shopping or attending one of their sports events.

Awards and recognition were given to the grandparents for things such as, the one with the most grandchildren and great grandchildren, who traveled the farthest, the oldest and the youngest in attendance, and many others categories. Special recognition was given to the grandparents who exhibited unique circumstances. One grandparent has 14 grandchildren attending CCA, another grandparent came 530 miles from Hickory, NC to attend this special day with her grandchild. Another grandparent has 9 grandchildren who have already graduated from CCA.

The grandparents then had the opportunity to visit in the classrooms with their grandchildren. After a fun-filled morning, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch together. It was a wonderful day!


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