Elementary Curriculum

Chestertown Christian Academy understands that the elementary years are an important time in the life of a child. Our lower school is the foundation of what we view as the full CCA experience. It is during a student’s lower school experience that all basic beliefs, concepts, and life principles are formed. Elementary students are considered the first step in developing enlightened minds and servants’ hearts. Therefore, CCA places a strong emphasis on core learning skills coupled with biblical knowledge and understanding. We are dedicated to establishing an academic and spiritual foundation that fosters a love of learning. Our team is composed of an impeccable group of qualified, committed, and servant-hearted individuals who are faithful in their commitment to the families and students that they serve. 

Chestertown Christian Academy strives to provide a Christian learning environment where students can reach their full spiritual and academic potential. Both our curriculum and our classrooms are designed to be relational and dynamic to honor the way children learn best. With a student/teacher ratio of 1:14, our teachers meet the specific needs of each student while answering their calling of exploring the glory of His creation in every subject. Training students to genuinely impact future generations for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ is the most exciting part of a quality, Christian education.

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