Why Choose CCA?

CCA Testimonials

“It has been a blessing to be able to send our son to CCA. We value his education and it’s very apparent the staff at CCA does too! Even during the pandemic, we feel as though he was still learning. We admire his teachers hard work and dedication to her class and are grateful for all CCA is doing!”
Jenna Duley, CCA Parent

“Our family is very grateful for CCA. We are thankful that all four of our children have been a part of this great school. We have been blessed with supportive staff members and a strong sense of school community. CCA continues to provide competitive athletics and creative educational opportunities – desiring every student to be successful! CCA has a rich history, serving and providing education needs for over forty years. Our school has a beautiful location in Kent County, providing safe and secure buildings, an athletic field, and an awesome gymnasium and playground. This school has become like a family to me personally. I am so thankful for friendships with the teachers, parents, and students. Thank you CCA!”
Jodi Pfadt, CCA Parent

“CCA was a lifesaver to our family! It’s a comfort to know our child is in the hands of people with good morals, easy temperaments, and fantastic communication skills. This small community is like a family and we felt at ease knowing our child was learning not only their academics, but also Biblical application, to make him the best person he can be. The staff cares and puts every effort in our child, and it shows! CCA is the best decision we have made for our child.”
Kristina Hyland, CCA Parent

“CCA has provided our child with a fantastic education in a nurturing, Christian environment. CCA provides a challenging academic curriculum coupled with individual attention. Thanks to the excellent teaching and academic reading, our child was independently reading at the end of kindergarten. Over his elementary years, he has grown a great deal spiritually and academically. We are so grateful for all CCA has meant to our family.”
Christina Seningen, CCA Parent

Below are video testimonials from alumni, teachers, parents, and CBC’s pastors.

Breanna Baker, Former CCA Faculty and Class of 2013

Heidi Pfadt, Class of 2020

Scott Lockerman, Associate Pastor of Chestertown Baptist Church