CCA Celebrates Grandparents!

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, CCA had the pleasure of hosting its annual Grandparent’s Day event. This event consisted of the students enriching the lives of their grandparents through drama, musical performances, and recitation of poems and essays.

Special awards and recognition were awarded to our Grandparents. Recognition was given to CCA Grandparents with the most grandchildren and great grandchildren, who traveled the farthest, who have the most grandchildren attending CCA, who have the most grandchildren who have already graduated, and those who have the oldest and the youngest grandchild, to name just a few!

The Grandparents then visited in the classroom with their grandchildren. After a fun-filled morning, we enjoyed a delicious lunch, and were very thankful for the time together with all of our wonderful Grandparents!

(Photo, 8th grade student, Melyn Rhodes with her grandfather, Mr. George Davis)

See our article in the Kent County News!


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