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CCA is competing in this year’s High School Mock Trial Case & Competition, sponsored by the Citizenship Law-Related Education Program in cooperation with the Maryland Judicial Conference and Maryland State Bar Association. This program exposes high school students (Grades 9-12) to many different aspects of our legal system as well as teaching writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. In a mock trial competition, students play the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and bailiffs in a real courtroom against other high school teams. This year’s competition involves a criminal case dealing with the use of lethal force by law enforcement on unarmed citizens. The Team will compete as both the prosecution and defense in each competition. Students are responsible to analyze the facts, evidence, and case law to build their positions on both sides of the case and argue those positions in a real courtroom setting in front of a judge.

We are competing with other high schools in the 1st and 2nd Circuit Court jurisdictions, including Bennett High School (Salisbury), Worcester Preparatory School (Berlin), Stephen Decatur High School (Berlin), and Saints Peter and Paul High School (Easton). The CCA Team will be competing in the Circuit Courthouses within Wicomico, Talbot, and Kent County. We invite you to attend any of the competitions, in particular our local competition on February 9th at the Kent County Circuit Courthouse in Chestertown.

Students have already started digging into their case and learning about the legal system, including a visit to the Kent County District Court to speak with Judge Nunn (see photo) and sit-in on a live criminal case; and a visit to the Kent County Circuit Court for a tour with Mark Mumford, our Kent County Clerk of Circuit Court.

Contact us to learn more or visit the Maryland Courts or the Citizenship Law-Related Education Program.

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