Discounts and Financial Aid

Tuition Discounts

CCA offers several opportunities to reduce tuition costs.

  • Early Payment Discount
    • Any family that pays their yearly tuition in full on or before August 1st, will receive a 5% discount.
  • Multi-Child Discounts
  • Refer-A-New-Family Discount
    • Any enrolled family that refers a new family may receive a tuition rebate based on the grade-level of the oldest enrolled child of the new family.
      GRADES K4/5 - $1000
      GRADES 1-6   - $2000
      GRADES 7-12 - $3000

      * Rebates will be credited on a monthly basis, are contingent upon continued enrollment, and may be adjusted based on any financial assistance provided for the new family. Contact the school for official rules.

Financial Aid

Families with financial hardship may apply for additional financial assistance. The amount of assistance offered is based on available funds and the extent of the financial need. After acceptance or re-enrollment families may submit an online application via the link below.

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